LambHoot's Game Rating System

LambHoot's Game Rating System

This page hosts the up-to-date scores for all games we've covered in the videos.

How my Rating System Works

The score assgined to the games is of the Ordinal Scale Type, meaning that the only meaningful operations that can be performed on them are comparisons. For a better explanation, please see the video above.

Please Note: Despite the scale currently ending at 100, this is by no means an out of 100 rating system. Measurements in the Ordinal Scale have no definiton of an absolute minimum or maximum. That means that if someday we find a game that is undoubtedly greater than RE4 or BFBB, that game will receive a score greater than 100. Remember, the number assigned doesn't actually matter, only it's order relative to the rest matters.

After every video released, I host a Planning Poker session on Discord and we all assign a relative score to the game and place it in this list.

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