My Hootmail

Hit me up

People try to contact me pretty often so I figured I’d outline the best ways here.

YouTube Comments

good looking brother

The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with me is to write a comment on one of my videos. Believe it or not, I actually try my best to respond to each and every comment I get. I do it from a different account though, so don’t worry of some guy named RamHoot answers you back, he’s not an imposter, that’s me. This is probably the best way to have a conversation with me since most people tend to talk with me about specific topics from videos.

RamHoot is also where I do streams sometimes, so if you want to engage with me live that’s the place to do it.


My DM’s are open so don’t be afraid to slide in! I seem to have issues getting notifications on mobile, but I always try to respond as soon as possible.


LambHoot's Discord Server

I run a Discord server and I'm surprisingly active there. That's probably the best way to catch me, and it's also pretty fun. We all VC a lot and have a pretty good time. If you're new, check the pins in all of the channels to get caught up.


You can email me any time at hmu@


You can send a personal message to my Facebook page whenever you like. I respond pretty quickly there too, don’t listen to the 12 hour response time it says, my stats got skewed because I was out of town when someone sent me a message once, sucks…