Reportedly Incredibly Cool

A software engineering graduate who takes videogames a bit too seriously

LambHoot, or as he’s known by friends, family and commenters, Mexican JonTron (despite not being Mexican or JonTron), is a video producer who runs a game analysis series on YouTube. Considering himself more of an educator than entertainer, he’s been referred to as reviewer and critic by viewers. He’s also pretty decent at writing in the third-person.

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Most known for his annual SpongeBob game videos, LambHoot has built a reputation for going extremely in-depth during analysis and critique. What makes these videos a little bit different from other reviews or game related entertainment is that LambHoot began producing them throughout his studies in Software Engineering at an accredited Canadian university, regularly applying material from his courses when discussing certain aspects of games. His favorite subjects to apply to games are Formal Methods, User Interface and User Experience Design, Model-based Testing, and of course Graph Theory and Technical Writing.

To have a look at some of LambHoot’s video projects, please check out the videos section of the site.