Reportedly Incredibly Cool

Video Essays on Games, Software Engineering, and how Technology impacts us.

LambHoot is a Montréal based YouTube video essayist who applies his background and knowledge of software engineering towards his projects. Delving into seemingly dry subjects and explaining highly complex technical details in an accessible and entertaining delivery style is his specialty. Dedicated to writing about games from a sociotechnical perspective, LambHoot’s videos often explore the deeper implications of technology and systems as he tries to tie together related concepts, as seen here in his piece on Resident Evil 5, labor automation, and roombas.

Some of LambHoot’s videos have been adapted and delivered as talks at events such as Concordia University guest lectures and ICGaN at University of Waterloo. His recent interests include VR media and the ways in which people respond to it, as explored here in his video essay How Skills are Learned in VR.

LambHoot has been a key part of the video essay community by founding communication channels for other creators to connect through and by organizing, funding, and attending meetups around the world (mostly in swamps and behind bowling alleys).