SpongeBob Revengeance & Patrick


Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Fire: Space (double tap that)

Please use Chrome or Firefox, and WAIT, the Unity web player take a while to load...

MK3 includes the removal of some unwanted collision a couple of people have pointed out, fixes for repeated or snappy animations during launch and the boss fight, and a reworked scoring system. The old version used to actually reward bad players, so now total game time is taken into account. The boss bonus you get at the end will be greater the shorter your play time, so try to be fast!

MK2 includes balances to gameplay(jelly shots have health now), smoother animations for the boss fight, a restart button, and Patrick as a powerup at Power level 7. I included him because my dad said "You should have Patrick as a shield, he would take a bullet for SpongeBob."

Hi! This game is my submission of Assignment 2 for COMP376 at Concordia University.

Way too many hours were spent making this. I had fun though, and I hope you do too. I played a lot with it to make it feel challenging and balanced enough.

Be sure to stock up on patties before the boss fight!

All visual assets were made by me in Paint.Net either from scratch or with reference images. All audio asset sources can be found here

This is in no way a commercial product, the only reason I'm hosting it here is because I was able to lock the resolution in the web player but not the normal release.

To see what I'm about, check out my YouTube Channel. I'm probably gonna make a video about this game some time soon.